“TAMRAZ 2000” – For spraying and dusting date – palm trees

  • A Trailed sprayer with two powerful stainless-steel air-blast cannons.
  • Operator seats with electronic control system to direct the air-jets on the target
    while in motion for precision spraying and dusting of the dates clusters.
  • Hydraulic piston for elevating and lowering the canon air-jets
    and hydraulic motor for 200 degrees lateral angling.
  • Two high-capacity air-blast blowers with a centrifugal clutch,
    Stainless steel fan housing.

Stainless steel dusting unit:
30 liters stainless-steel tank,12V DC electric operation.
Mechanical agitation to prevent powder clogging.
Electric motor and controller to adjust the powder flow-rate.

Spraying system:
2000 liters trailed stainless steel tank, hydraulic agitators.
Diaphragm pump, capacity 185 lit/min with a control-pressure system.