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Frequently asked questions

Probably the suction filter is blocked or there is a foreign abject in the suction opening which prevents flowing.
Open the filter, clean the filter and start the sprayer.

The recommended working pressure is:

  • Spraying with a spray gun or a boom herbicide control: 15-60 PSI
  • Spraying with a blower sprayer: 50-120 PSI
  • Spraying with high pressure nozzles: 300-600 PSI
  • In the suction system make sure that air is not being sucked-in.
  • Fill-up the sprayer with water and while the sprayer in not moving that,
  • Check that there is no linkage from the hose or the suction filter.
  • At a diaphragm pump – check the air balloon is proper.

If the problem continues, call Raz Bros. for assistance
+972-3-9643252 or send an email: raz@razsprayers.com

Water penetrated to the oil flange – STOP working with the pump!

  • In a diaphragm pump – it's likely the diaphragm is torn
  • in a piston pump – it's likely that water inserted through the breather or through the piston passage way
  • Gearbox – gear oil 90
  • Gasoline / diesel fuel engine – oil W4015
  • Spray pump - oil W4015
  • Hydraulic system – oil 68
  • Wheelbarrow sprayer wheels 4.80/4.00 – 30 P.S.I.
  • "Saar" sprayers 4*4 wheels 5.00-12 - 30 P.S.I
  • Trailed sprayers wheels 11.5/80-15.3 - 50 P.S.I
  • Trailed sprayers wheels 10.75/80-15.3 - 50 P.S.I

The piston pump is designed that in a case that the gaskets in the pump's head are damaged, the water leaks out through the deranges slits (out of the pump).
So due to the above - the gaskets should be changed.

DO NOT leave any spraying chemicals in the spray tank!
Empty the spray tank completely at authorized location.
Wash the spray tank with fresh water only.

Fill-up 2/3 of the tank capacity with water, operate the agitators
Add the spraying chemicals and the rest of the water.
Chemicals that are not dissolve – it's recommended to dilute in water and mix in a Sparta container and only then to add them to the spray tank.
If the problem continues, call Raz Bros. for assistance
+972-3-9643252 or send an email: raz@razsprayers.com